These are just a few of the projects CourTechnology has worked on in the past.



Primarily designed to provide outdoor wireless network connectivity for a mobile mining fleet conducting mining operations at a greenfield energy mine. While wireless is a major component of the overall solution, at the core of the network is a hierarchical campus network. This campus network is comprised of various switching platforms, which include the Cisco Catalyst 6880-X at the network core, Cisco Catalyst 4500-X at the aggregation/distribution layer connectivity and Cisco IE4000 switches making up the access layer. The network provides a platform to deliver reliable wireless services and support from end-to-end various critical applications, such as dispatch and vehicle health monitoring.

The network has been designed with high availability and resiliency as the primary consideration.




Large IT system for petrochemical plant expansion in Saudi Arabia. CourTechnology managed the following:

  • Business network
  • Process control network
  • VOIP phone system
  • CCTV security system
  • Radio system
  • PI enterprise historian system
  • Warehouse management system,
  • Laboratory information system,
  • Electronic document management system,
  • PCN network monitoring,
  • Production tracking,
  • Operator remote computing, and
  • General IT including PCs and all network equipment.

There was an estimated 80,000 man hours of combined efforts (including our employer and subcontract efforts). Responsible for $9 million in engineering services and $10 million in hardware and software.




New Crusher 9 and conveyor at Mildred Lake.

Honeywell Experion SCADA system (7000 points). Scope of work included hardware, software, configuration, graphic development, FAT, SAT, commissioning, installation and demolition, network design and total integration with existing PLC networks, as well as custom cabinetry and staging. Provided Engineering and Project Management services.




Scope of work included a Rockwell Automation Plant PAx control system, hardware, software, FEED, control narratives, cause & effects, system design, configuration including batch, graphic development, staging, panel design & fabrication, FAT, SIFT, SAT, procurement, construction work packaging, commissioning, installation services and project management services. Also, a large software customization (C++) for a Dynamic Routing solution. The solution could provide the capability to dynamically choose the path for material transfer. The path chosen was based on the availability of devices, process piping, and business rules. The system could also determine a configured number of alternative routes (6) and present them to the operator to select. Providing capability to handle in-process faults and reroute according to real-time events.




Directed Power Engineering Group on large variable frequency drive migration program, replacing 74 low voltage drives ranging from 7.5 HP-700 HP. Managed group of electrical engineers, technologist and journeymen electricians encompassing engineering, FEED, grounding studies, harmonic studies, construction work packages, drawings (manufacturing, electrical, demolition and as-builts), factory acceptance testing and commissioning. Lead the evaluation of third-party harmonic filters with end-user and procurement. Directed the testing and physical installation of the harmonic filters through third-party contractors. Project duration 2.5 years, 27,000 man-hours of engineering and valued at $10.2 million.


SCADA Communications System Upgrade – Energy

Alberta, Canada

This project included the design, engineering, programming, procurement, construction, and testing of a new communication upgrade including UHF and Microwave technologies, to its pipeline SCADA communications.  The deliverables for this project were a completed build of a secure, reliable, high capacity and high availability network for SCADA communications.  This project was accepted once the new communications backbone had been successfully tested in each phase and area and has been shown to increase the capacity on the existing links, and newly developed fields or facilities to pipeline SCADA. 

The implementation of this project required:

  • Construction of new towers
  • Construction of new communications buildings for housing radio and electrical equipment
  • Procurement of tower hardware, MW/UHF radios, antennas, networking equipment such as routers, firewalls etc.
  • Procurement of engineering services to design, implement and commission the new microwave and UHF radio networks
  • Internal ITM services to isolate the corporate and SCADA network segments, and also to configure network security.

The new SCADA communications network consisted of the following segments:

  • Microwave and UHF Radio segments
  • Fiber Optic links – between buildings in close proximity


Industrial Automation System– Municipality

Alberta, Canada

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), the new plant is one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly facilities in Canada. The facility can treat up to 100 mega-litres of wastewater per day (ML/d) to serve a population of 250,000 for the next 10 years. The capacity is expandable to 700ML/d which will enable it to serve 1.75m people in future.  The new facility occupies a portion of a 320-acre site and produces the highest quality of treated effluent in the region. Construction of the facility commenced in 2004 and completed in November 2009. Advanced measures have been taken to reduce the plant's environmental impact on the surroundings. The facility's Operations, Maintenance & Administration Building has achieved Gold certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Programme.

Scope of work included:

  • Yokogawa CS300 hardware
  • Yokogawa Software
  • Configuration and graphic development
  • System staging
  • Panel design & fabrication
  • Factory Acceptance Testing, System Integration Functional Testing and Site Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning and installation services
  • Project management services


ISO 9001-2008 Implementation – Energy Consulting Services

Alberta, Canada and Houston, USA

Seven-month project to develop the firm’s processes around ISO 9001 framework, internal and external audits. Certification granted by QMI- SAI Global December 2010.

The process taken was as follows:

Step 1: Plan (2 – 4 weeks)

  • Learn ISO Basics
  • Purchase ISO 9001:2008 Standard
  • Conduct Gap Analysis
  • Develop Timeline and Action Plan
  • Train Management
  • Assign Project Responsibilities
  • Communicate to Employees
  • Select Registrar

Step 2: Implement (2 – 5 months)

  • Define Processes: 13 Processes identified, approx. 20 procedures to be documented
  • Develop Quality Policy
  • Determine Quality Objectives
  • Collect Quality Data
  • Develop Documentation and Records
  • Implement Document and Records Control
  • Train Employees

Step 3: Review (2 – 4 weeks)

  • Conduct Internal Audit
  • Complete Management Review
  • [At this point we were “ISO 9001:2008 compliant”]

Step 4: Certify (1 – 5 days)

  • Conducted by selected registrar
  • Audit is conducted in two stages:
  1. Documentation Review
  2. QMS Audit
  • Corrective actions to address discrepancies
  • Certification issued
  • Annual surveillance audit
  • Recertification audit (every 3 years)


Distillation Column Fieldbus Retrofit Project – Education

Alberta, Canada

This technical institute had four host systems tested and approved by the Fieldbus Foundation that had been donated by four separate industrial automation companies to the institution.

The purpose of this project was to integrate the four host systems and achieve the following:

  • Construction of a Lab Facility for Hand-on Training in FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Technology
    • Resulting in a practical means whereby the host PCs could be permanently connected to their respective hardware
    • Permitted the connection of any of the 32 field devices on the north wall of the lab to any of the host systems
  • Developing FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Curriculum
    • Provided host equipment as the physical framework to develop relevant curriculum for advance fieldbus courses
  • Maintaining a FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Demonstration Site
    • Demonstrated a proper field installation of four Foundation Fieldbus approved host systems
  • D105 Distillation Fieldbus Retrofit Project
    • One of the four host systems to be used to control the distillation column in the Mechanical Engineering lab of the institution. 

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