From proposals to RFx procurement, information technology to industrial automation project management, CourTechnology has you covered. Detailed below are the ways we apply our extensive experience to your company's needs.

Proposal development

CourTechnology can provide consultation services to develop a winning IT or industrial automation technical proposal. CourTechnology can:

  • Ensure timely and accurate cost estimates for potential projects through proper analysis and interpretation of bid documents.
  • Correct selection of software and hardware, realistic estimating of labour and adequate pricing of all cost requirements (including subcontracts) with established time constraints and guidelines for estimating accuracy.
  • Use and development of estimation models based on knowledge of modern lifecycle cost methodologies and practices.
  • Provide support in the preparation of cost-to-complete estimates.
  • Support executive management reviews of project estimates.
  • Review and edit text for proposal submittals, with detailed rationale for staffing, materials, and sub-contractor requirements.
  • Consult with experts within vertical markets and practices in the development of pricing strategies both long-range and for current proposals to ensure accuracy.
  • Evaluate and analyze bid documents or customer specifications/requirements from technical and contractual points of view to determine scope of work requirements and risk.
  • Provide recommendations to desirability or practicality of the project with respect to anticipated risk, profitability and competitive situation, as well as ability to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Assist with lessening the ambiguity of projects through actual processes and industry requirements, involving the account representative and/or regional/national specialists to gain specific insight. Site and/or customer visits may be required to determine sufficient detail to prepare an estimate, which may include identifying alternatives and proposing "creative" solutions, to facilitate or enhance the selling effort.
  • Estimate typical "costs" including those related to a wide variety of outside purchased equipment, services, and material. This also includes salaried labour (project management, engineering drafting, calibration and start-up) and the assembly and testing of associated panels as well as other miscellaneous costs associated with projects.
  • Assist or participate in pre-bid and/or post-order negotiations with customers in situations where intimate knowledge of job details and requirements can be of value in closing an order; and/or defining areas such as work not included, extra work and all other factors requiring a complete understanding for successful and profitable project completion.


RFx Procurement

RFx is a term used to refer to a family of ‘Request For…’ documents used to solicit responses of various types from suppliers. The three most commonly used documents in this family include Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quote (RFQ), and Request for Proposal (RFP). An RFI is generally used when the solution to a business problem is not immediately evident or clearly defined. The RFI is used to gather information, not to make a selection or an award. CourTechnology works with the customer to:

  • Clearly describe the problem;
  • Solicit external expertise regarding how to solve the problem; and
  • Study proposed solutions.

An RFQ is generally used to obtain pricing, delivery information, and terms and conditions from suppliers. In this case, requestors have a clear understanding of what they need, including requirements and specifications. To procure the exact product or service you need, the customer provides CourTechnology with as much information as possible, including complete specifications, quantities, and delivery schedule.



CourTechnology can manage the following for your IT or industrial automation project. Our expertise includes the ability to:

  • Perform Shop Inspections
  • Track Status
  • Expedite per ROS Dates
  • Transport & Receive
  • Warehouse
  • Maintain
  • Release to Construction
  • Develop Bidders Lists
  • Purchase Order Pro-Forma
  • Contracts Pro-Forma
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Specifications (Eng.)
  • Quantities (Eng.)
  • Solicit/Evaluate Bids
  • Award P.O. / Contract



We also do:

  • Office upgrade projects from 2007 to 2013/Office 365 Pro Plus
  • Software development projects utilizing SDLC methods
  • VOIP phone systems
  • Server virtualization (VMware)
  • CCTV security systems
  • Wi-Fi applications
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT) projects
  • Fibre optic networks
  • Copper networks
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems
  • IT infrastructure projects



CourTechnology provides:

  • Real time integration of automation and information systems across the business enterprise, where plant automation, asset optimization, and collaborative business processes are all seamlessly linked in real time. Leading teams of instrumentation engineers and designers from FEED through scoping and detailed engineering to construction.
  • Industrial automation projects
    • Distributed Control Systems - DCS
    • Programmable Logic Controllers - PLCs
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – SCADA
    • Fieldbus (certified)
    • Safety Instrument Systems SIS
  • Industrial IT Projects
  • Accountability for design, review and approval of instrumentation related engineering deliverables, such as: instrument indexes, installation details, location drawings, data sheets, wiring diagrams, loop drawings, P&ID’s, material requisitions, evaluation of alternatives and selection of equipment, calculations (control valve, flow elements, pressure safety valves), document control logs, bill of materials, instrument change approvals and construction work packages.
  • Responsibility for design, review, and approval controls related engineering deliverables, for example: logic diagrams, shutdown keys, block diagrams, control system layouts, control system topology, control narrative and P&ID’s.



The primary goal of a PMO is to achieve benefits from standardizing and following project management policies, processes and methods. Over time, a PMO generally will become the source for guidance, documentation, and metrics related to the practices involved in managing and implementing projects within the organization.

A PMO generally bases its project management principles, practices and processes on some kind of industry standard methodology such as PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). Such approaches are consistent with the requirements related to ISO9000 and to government regulatory requirements such as the US Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) program.

CourTechnology can provide the following services:

  • Leading the implementation of new operating business models and business operations (policies, frameworks, governance & procedures).
  • Development of PMO objectives, processes, deliverables and outcomes.
  • Knowledge and experience putting into practise a PMO framework into an organization and ensuring process adherence
  • ISO 9001 implementation knowledge and experience.

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